Resources for Educators

Giving Voice To Values (GVV) is an innovative, cross-disciplinary business curriculum and action-oriented pedagogical approach for developing the skills, knowledge and commitment required to implement values-based leadership.

The GVV curriculum is FREE to educators. Teaching notes also available to faculty. For access, faculty can contact

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Check out the annotated Table of Contents of the GVV Curriculum — includes exercises, short cases, readings, teaching notes, annotated bibliographies and suggests possible course placement. Check back periodically for new materials.

“Ethical Leadership Through Giving Voice To Values” — a 4-week online MOOC offered by University of Virginia Darden School of Business in partnership with Coursera — offers an introduction to the GVV approach for corporate users, educators, students and individual learners.

There is also a series of 6 INTERACTIVE, ONLINE, SOCIAL COHORT-BASED MODULES that introduce the core GVV concepts and methodologies and provide opportunities to practice with these approaches as foundation for subsequent in-person exchanges. They are currently available for organizational use but the plan is to make them available to educational institutions soon. Please do take a look at this brief animation. These modules are short, customizable and creatively designed to incorporate: brief cases; clear and compelling presentation of core concepts; engaging animations and powerful video segments; opportunities to practice application of the GVV methodologies; and opportunities to engage in peer exchanges. Contact for information.

Article on “What is a Giving Voice To Values Case?” by Mary C. Gentile, Anne T. Lawrence and John Melnyk in CASE RESEARCH JOURNAL, vol. 35 (2), 2015.

 See book with 12 chapter by Faculty Across the Disciplines, describing how they use GVV: Educating for Values-Driven Leadership: Giving Voice To Values Across the Curriculum, The United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education Book Collection, Edited by Mary C. Gentile, Business Expert Press, 2013.

There is a GVV Book series at Routledge/Greenleaf Publishing and another from Business Expert Press.

Faculty Testimonials

“Mary Gentile documents a fascinating tool to help us to be as ethical as we strive to be. She highlights that rehearsing for ethically challenging situations may allow us to develop a response more in line with our ethical preferences than the knee jerk responses that have led so many to make the wrong choice in important situations. The ideas in the book are clever, original, thoughtful and important.”
—Max H. Bazerman, Straus Professor, Harvard Business School

“Mary Gentile has responded to the cries of business and business school critics by shifting our attention from debating right vs wrong and right vs right to acting on the questions these dilemmas raise. The most significant contribution to business ethics I have experienced in my professional career, Giving Voice to Values is destined to shape the behavior of future generations.”
—Leonard A. Schlesinger, President, Babson College

“I can think of no better way to take ‘ethics’ out of the realm of pure philosophical discussion. Giving Voice to Values identifies what’s stopping us from acting on the values we feel strongly about. It gives us the tools, the courage and the understanding to be our better self in even the stickiest business situation.”
—Ira Millstein, Senior Partner, Weil Gotshal, Manges, Senior Associate Dean for Corporate Governance and the Eugene F. Williams, Jr. Visiting Professor for Competitive Enterprise and Strategy, Yale School of Management

Giving Voice To Values promises to be a major step forward in enabling people to deal effectively with the inevitable challenges to their integrity and ethical values – challenges they will face in both their working and personal lives.”
—Michael C. Jensen, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Emeritus, Harvard Business School

Giving Voice to Values is exactly what we need to help us all to take action…We know that “knowing” does not lead to “doing.”  This initiative empowers us to speak through our actions.”
— Carolyn Woo, Martin J. Gillen Dean, Ray and Milann Siegfried Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies, Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

“Nobody can dictate or preach to a successful entrepreneur; their best teacher is their heart, full of wisdom from street-fight experience. All they need is to crystallize their internal values through a process of external expression. Giving Voice to Values is doing just that and that is exactly what China needs. Launching GVV in China will be a striking success and it will be critical to China’s continued success.”
—Dr. Morley C. Su, President of Millennium Capital Services, a leading Climate Change solutions provider in China, Ph. D in Business Ethics Education

“Giving Voice to Values? Certainly a breakthrough in the teaching of business ethics, possibly a landmark in educating to responsibility and certainly a powerful (and attractive) learning vehicle at a time when leading business schools are, at last, rethinking their curriculum. We all know how challenging is the teaching of ethics, particularly in business schools (and in China possibly more than anywhere!). Mary C. Gentile’s work proposes an original way to illustrate that beyond our teaching of the value of values we need to find ways to engage into the critical step to make them explicit. Then, we, organizations and the world might be on the path to become better.”

–Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Distinguished Professor of Globally Responsible Leadership, China-Europe International School of Business (CEIBS), The Aviva Chair Emeritus Professor of Leadership & Responsibility INSEAD